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Clothing That Grows

Posted by by Paulette Johnson, founder of Kids Growwear on 9th Feb 2022

Nearly every parent has experienced the difficulty of buying clothes to keep up with the growth of a child. It is common knowledge that children’s legs tend to grow before their torsos do, so parents are left with pants that still fits around the waist and hips, but they are too short. Also, it is difficult to predict how fast a child will grow, leaving few options to the parents other than buying new clothes on a very frequent basis or buying clothing that's too big for the child in order to extend the amount of time that children can wear a garment. However, bigger sized clothes can be uncomfortable and/or embarrassing for children to wear. Kids Growwear solves this problem!

The Kids Growwear patent pending lengthening system adjust one size up to accommodate children’s growth. The company manufactures clothing that can be lengthen or that can “grow” one size larger (hence the clothing brand’s name “Kids Growwear”). Our initial launch will focus on pants and jeans. However, Kids Growwear will expand its clothing line, to other articles of clothing later down the line.

The founder of Kids Growwear recognizes that there is a fashion revolution happening in the United States and all over the world! People want more value for their money, but they also are more conscious of how their clothing purchases can impact the environment. Our solution is to provide clothing that has a longer life span since it can be worn for longer periods of time during a child’s physical development. Our lengthening system also proves two sizes in one (a twofer) for increased value to parents and less of an impact on our environment because parents buy few clothes.  This amounts to a win-win situation.   

U.S. Patent Pending Clothing Lengthening System