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Hi Friend, Welcome to the Kids Growwear™ family! I was inspired to create this clothing brand and start this company because of my beautiful daughter, Anna. Like every other mom on the planet, I loved dressing my child in cute quality clothing, but she grew out of her clothes, sometimes after wearing them only once. That’s what kids do!  They grow up in a blink of an eye. 

I came up with this idea several years ago and even secured the domain name “Growwear.” However, the timing to begin this company was not right because my daughter suffered a serious medical event that resulted in long term challenges for her. At the time, my focus had to be on Anna as she walked the road to her wellness. Anna has been making great progress and I felt that it was time to bring this product to market in the middle of a pandemic.  Interesting timing to say the least!   
Our mission is to create a better sustainable version of common wardrobe staples such as pants, dresses and coats.  Kids Growwear is functional and stylish.  Our patent pending clothing system can be lengthened or “grow” one size larger to accommodate the growth of a child. For example, a 2T grows to a 3T. Please see our webpage “How It Works” for a demonstration. Our product provides an increased VALUE (a twofer) for parents as well provides a SUSTAINABILITY component since our garments can be worn for a longer period of time.  Yes, value is important, but parents also want their child's clothing to have "the cuteness quotient!" Our goal is to provide functional clothing without sacrificing the cuteness!!! Our initial launch will focus on pants and jeans. However, Kids Growwear™ will expand its clothing line, to more sizes and other articles of clothing as we grow.  Thanks for your support and…come grow with us! 
Paulette Johnson

U.S. Patent Pending Clothing Lengthening System